• ​Doe Run Company -Buick Mine/Mill Wastwater Treatment Facility-Viburnum MO
  • Michael Kors-Des Peres MO
  • White Castle-Nationwide​

About Us

​               Commercial Drywall Construction, Inc. was founded by a highly professional management team devoted to customer satisfaction with over 60 years of combined experience in the construction industry. CDC is equally effective in its commitment to excellence on both small and large jobs, coordinating and working with others while in pursuit of project schedules without sacrificing the highest quality and utmost safety.

              Through our efforts to gain mutual trust and respect we have successfully established a respectable customer base over the years. References are encouraged and will be provided upon request. CDC is a member of the Wall And Ceiling Contractors Association, Signator The Carpenters' District Council of Greater St. Louis and Vicinity and The International Union Of Painters. Along with our services we bring an employee safety program with an outstanding safety record second to none in the industry.

Curent Awarded Projects

  • ​​TBUP12-Ft LeonardWood MO \
  • TBUP14-Ft LeonardWood MO 
  • BNHQ Phase I-FLW, MO

Our founder

  • CIC @ CET Phase II-St. Louis MO
  • Tyson Research/Washington University
  • Pink Victoria's Secret-South County MO
  • ​DFAC-Ft LeonardWood